A pair of second-hand pants that can still pick up chicks at the club

User Rating: 6 | Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien PC
Probably spend to much time thinking about what to wear when I go out. Somehow I think the choice of shirt is all that stands between me and successfully taking home a girl. Who knows. Girls have to draw the line somewhere. Still doesn't excuse me for taking an hour to decide whether to wear the black button down or the deep navy sweater. Maybe I'm just over conscious about my face.

A game like Runner 2 doesn't need to spend much time by the clothes dresser. It's got a face so good looking that clothes hardly matter. These types of platforming games are addicting by nature. Game developers don't need to spend weeks on end at the drawing board, squeezing every last bit of creative energy out of their soggy noggin meat to figure how to make gold.

Not to say you can't screw it up. Gajin Games certainly did a nice job with Runner 2. I like the presentation, the music and the art style. They each share this warm and fuzzy feeling. Like the whole family could gather round and take turns giving it a go. And if there were a TV commercial there would be a part where that Dad fails, smiles and says 'O shucks. That was tootin' difficult." Then everybody would laugh and participate in a big group hug.

So as the saying goes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it; just remake it, paint it a different color, tack on some new things and Bam! Bob's your Uncle. You got something that works.

Great way to kill some time.