Running the Extra Mile

User Rating: 9 | Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien X360

As much as I liked the first bit trip runner game, personally I like the sequel even more. Also I never really expected it would ever have a sequel at all, but that's a good thing because usually their the sequels that don't disappoint me; this sequel really shows more distance can be covered.

Theres kinda a story this time but not much, Captain Video and his friends have to save their plannet from being destroyed from some kind of invaders I think. Yeah I know simplistic nonsensical plot, but really it doesn't matter nor do you really care, your in it for the action and the game is aware of that.

The graphical presentation I think is just beautiful, this time they used all 3 D animation while still playing in 2 D mode and I think the up to date looks, fits just fine. The backgrounds I think are even better than before and more lively because there is just so much going on as you are passing by, it would probably take more than one play just to see it all; it sort of reminds me of the kind of art you'd see in the "Where's Waldo" books as your finding Waldo you can't help but notice something happening in one area and another. The worlds as usual are all unique each have a different theme, my favorate is the bit trip world which I think looks beautiful and is basically a big homage to the game series this sequel orginated from. I even love the bonus levels which are an homage to 8 bit Nintendo games not just from the graphics but music which just sounds great in my ears because it gives me that throwback feel of being a kid playing with my Nintendo again.

Controls are basic, jump, kick, duck and the music score is excellent as usual. But why this sequel really stands out is in the use of alternate routes as well as a difficulty that is acutally manageable. The alternate routes not just give you different opportunities to get from point A to B but also have some hidden items and access to the bonus levels. This generates a replay value just to see if you can get all of them, or even simply do better next time.

I did say that the controls are basic but there are some new moves like a jump duck, I wouldn't say these new moves are too special but they make the action more interesting and really cause you to be more flexable. I also said the difficulty was more manageable, it's still kinda hard you'll still need to exercise preserverence and you'll die a lot before you get it right. But this time you'll feel less frustration from the addition of checkpoints, this eliminates that fundamental problem of having to start all the way from point A to B which is sweet relief to me since the levels in this sequel and the orginal can be long; lets face it starting over can be a really pain in the butt. This makes things feel a little more fair, because it eliminates a degree of difficulty, yeah it's only a certain distance covered but at least you have a better chance to get to point B.

For a final note, I think the boss battles are better than before. There a little more memorable and less difficult because you don't have to repeat a step. My favorate boss battle is the one in the forest world where the camera angle suddenly changes to complete 3 D and it looks great and works well with the gameplay, hopefully in the next sequel we'll see stages utilize that technique.

There's nothing more to say, if you liked the first game you'll like this game. Or if you're into platform action games and you just merely heard of the bit trip series then give this sequel a try. This game has plenty of speed to run the extra mile.