Bit.Trip Core Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Beat the game on Normal difficulty ACCOMPLISHMENT
    Achieved a multiplier of 50 in Normal difficulty ADEPT
    Register a high score on the leaderboards BIT.TRIPPER
    Blast 30+ Beats at once with one Bomb BOMBS.AWAY
    Blast all Beats during a Challenge CHALLENGE.COMPLETE
    Beat Control in Normal difficulty CONTROL.COMPLETE
    Blast 10,000 Beats CORE.MASTER
    Beat Discovery in Normal difficulty DISCOVERY.COMPLETE
    Beat the game in one sitting without getting a Game Over ENDURANCE.GAMER
    Beat Exploration in Normal difficulty EXPLORATION.COMPLETE
    Get a PERFECT score in Control FLAWLESS.CONTROL
    Get a PERFECT score in Discovery FLAWLESS.DISCOVERY
    Get a PERFECT score in Exploration FLAWLESS.EXPLORATION
    Achieved a multiplier of 100 in Normal difficulty GIFTED
    Beat any level without using a Bomb in Normal difficulty HOLD.YOUR.FIRE
    Chained 500 Beats JUGGLE.MASTER
    Chained 100 Beats JUGGLER
    Chained 200 Beats MULTI.TASKER
    Escaped Nether Mode OLD.SCHOOL.SKILLS
    Watched the hidden cutscene REALIZATION
    Play through one entire stage in Super Mode in Normal difficulty SUPER.DUPER

    Contributed by: Guard Master