Great. Simply great.

User Rating: 8.5 | Bit.Trip Beat WII
Imagine playing Pong, but without a paddle on the other side of the screen and what you're try to hit is flying at you while keeping up with a techno beat. This is Bit.Trip Beat. Bit.Trip Beat is a fun that is only for WiiWare and could be one of the greatest for it.

There is not real story to Bit.Trip Beat, but there are cut scenes right before each of the levels. The first one starts off with a space man flying around in space when he runs into a pixel that powers him up. Then Transition starts. After level one, you find a planet that's filled with pixels so you head down to the planet. That's Descent. After level two, you've come to a planet and now you're going to start to grow.

The game has simple controls, turn the WiiMote while it's on its side to make your paddle move up and down. Just make sure you hit the pixels as you go along to earn points. Each hit from one to nine is worth 100 points times the Power Level. Ten hits and up and worth 100 points plus the Combo times the Power Level. To up the Power Level you need to hit so many pixels. For example, if you are at HYPER Mode, or normal mode, your Power Level is one and after 80 hits you move up to MEGA, but your Power Level is still one. After another 20 or so you hit MULTI+ and your Power Level is two. But if you miss pixels you move down a level and when you're in NETHER, or near death, you get a big fat game over. There are also challenges within the levels that you can earn bonus points with.

As hinted before, there is only three levels in the game. They are Transition, Descent, and Growth. Each one is harder then the last one and they build off of each other. Descent has all the same kind of pixels that Transition has as well as some new ones. The same goes for Growth. To unlock the next level you must beat the level before it, boss and everything, and get a new high score. If you don't get a new high score you still play the level, but it goes bye bye when you turn the game off. You can also play with friends. Up to four people can play at once. Everyone has the same score so if you are having trouble with a section in a level you can grab some friends and beat it.

The graphics are amazing. Everything is very colorful and bright. And when you move to MEGA Mode, the graphics just get better. But not only the graphics, the sound does as well. For a techno lover like myself, it's get to have a rhythm game that is challenging for once that follows amazing beats. The songs help you with hitting that pixels at the right times because they follow the beat of the songs.

Overall, Bit.Trip Beat is a great rhythm game that anyone who wants a cheap and challenging WiiWare game that's fun with friends and has loads of replay value. Anyone can play the game, but only those who are get good at memorizing what happens will make it to the end of the game.

+Lots of Replay Value
+Great Graphics and Sound

-Only three levels

Gameplay: 9.0
Graphics: 8.0
Sound: 9.0
Story: N/A
Fun Level: 9.0
Replay Value: 9.0
Overall: 8.7