Your eyes will probably bleed and you may convulse also.

User Rating: 9 | Bit.Trip Beat WII
Just to start I'll say that Bit.Trip Beat is better than Void I think.

For all the games that have warnings about having some kind of seizure while playing, Bit.Trip Beat might just be the one that it's actually true for. Its so simple looking but when you start playing it you wont believe how hard it is. It will make your eyes trip out pretty bad and make your brain feel buzzy, but that's whats so great about it. It creates tension and anxiety as you progress through the levels. Your reflexes have to be fast but also precise or you will be getting 'game over' quickly.

The graphics are, of course, not supposed to dazzle you in any next gen way but they do entrance you in their own 8 bit way.

Buy it and you'll like it. Currently there's a demo for download so you could try it before you buy it.