Awesomely Retro

User Rating: 7 | Bit.Trip Beat WII
The first thing you'll say about this game is "Old-Skool" Everything, from gameplay, music, graphics, is presented as if it had been pulled from your Grandpa's 2600. Well, maybe not that far.

The gameplay for this game is very simplistic, which involves twisting the Wiimote foward and backwards to hit balls with a paddle. (Insert Pong Flashback) However, just because the concept is simple doesn't mean the game is. Every hit you makes the music a bit more complex, and soon you'll be hitting those balls to the tune of a symphony! If you miss, everything goes monochrome, and the music stops, with the game eventually ending. The latter will be happening more, as millions of those targets will be thrown at you, and you're bound to miss some. Sometimes the controls worked too well for me, flying past some of the targets.

There are only three levels, each around 15 minutes long, leading to 45 minutes of gameplay. Levels are divided into sections, eventually leading to an amazing boss fight. So amazing, I'm not going to spoil it for you in this review. As good as these levels, you have to beat the previous level to unlock it, and make it into that levels scoreboard. If the latter isn't accomplished, you'll lose all of your progress once your Wii is turned off. Just because this game is retro doesn't mean the design choices should be.

There's a multiplayer mode, which makes the game even more fun. There is no option for multiplayer, but it can be activated by turning on any other Wii remotes. Paddles path through each other in MP, and since everyone shares one score, you'll have to be really cooperative to hit all of those balls.

There's one extreme complaint: More than once, I had trouble distinguishing the background from the gameplay. Can't blame a game this flashy.

With addictive gameplay, catchy tunes, and some of the best visuals on WiiWare, there's not excuse for picking up this test of coordination and pattern recognition for only six dollars.