Ok, I'm impressive

User Rating: 9 | BioShock PC
I hesitated for months about getting this game and now that I picked it up, I don't know why it took me so long (ok, I wasn't paying $50).

I haven't even finished the first level and this game is amazing. If you go into the game thinking it's just another FPS, you'll DEFINITELY be surprised. Graphics are amazing and sound affects are perfect. I have an ok PC and I'm playing the game on the highest settings. The detail of the ocean is impressive, I like the fact that a wrench is your first weapon and the first gun I grabbed was in sync with the era the game is portraying and c'mon, how could you not love 'the power of electricity'?

I was about to snap when there was no audio after the plane crashed but once I ran the game as the Administrator, it was all good.

I'm going to install he Mod that makes the game more challenging........not that it needs it.

I can see why this got game of the year for 2007.