What's the Real Consequence of Dying? Why don't the Splicers have powers?

User Rating: 7 | BioShock PC
I wanted to love the game, but I don’t. It’s beautiful and tense and has such a wonderful atmosphere. The world is amazingly original. But the vita-chambers and the repetitive Splicers just make it too darn tedious and too darn easy . There is no real threat to your character to match the foreboding of the environment. Sure, the weapons and plasmids are great. But what is the real consequence of how you approach a battle if you can just re-materialize every time you’re overwhelmed? It’d be like playing Pac-Man with endless lives – what the hell would the point in that be? I don't fear for my character's safety because there is no actual final death. So, if there is no fear of death, there is really no reason to fear the environment. They could throw a thousand splicers, a thousand big daddies - it wouldn't matter. It would simply increase the number of lives you lose and the time it would take to defeat them all. Also, the Splicers should have a variety of plasmids at THEIR disposal, shouldn’t they? Where are their powers? They're running around like junkies needing a fix. There are hyponeedles in their pockets and all over the floor. They're not injecting themselves for some lightning and fire fingertips to kill you? Why not? They’re the ones who built Rapture, after all. And some obligatory genetic mutation-monsters might have been nice, if for no other reason than something different then a Splicer. BS is a fun game and stunning to look at. And I love the guys for making it as System Shock 2 is one of the greatest game I've ever played. But it doesn’t live up to the hype or its own storyline and potential. I'd have given it an 8.5 or something if I hadn't been so eager for Bioshock to blow me away. It doesn't.

(Maybe a patch will come out that removes Vita-Chambers entirely. :) If that were to happen the gameplay would prove immesurably better)