The game holds up very well, even a decade later.

User Rating: 8 | BioShock Remastered PC

I've wanted to play Bioshock for a long time. Heard great things about the game, but never got around to it. I just finished the remastered version, and wow, I would still consider it a very unique experience even 11 years later. The environment. The atmosphere. The narrative. It's all phenomenal. The whole underwater city, and the 70's theme fit together perfectly. The way the city was in ruins, and the underlying mystery as to why everything is in ruins, was all very gripping. I couldn't put the controller down. I wanted to know what came next. The dialogue and progression slowly uncovered more and more. And more and more I was drawn in. The plot is filled with twists and turns.

The Little Sisters and Big Daddys concept is very interesting. The ADAM for your power up is right there, but they won't fight you unless you fight them. This element of freedom the game gave was great. I can't really think of any game that does it this way. Where a mini-boss is literally just lurking around the entire level. All the power ups were interesting as well.

Though there are a few problems. Not being able to swap the positions of your power ups and weapons was super annoying. Having remembered what the hotkey for a certain item was for a long duration of the game, it completely threw me off when the positions was switched around, because of an event or I swapped a power up along the way. There is also a mouse sensitivity problem on the remastered version, if you play on PC. This was extremely annoying, and I've read others have experienced it too.