The FPS with the best storyline I've ever seen.

User Rating: 9 | BioShock PC
When I was playing BioShock for the first time I did not expect that the game would have such a deep and fantastic plot, besides having an atmosphere of terror that works very well, the game of fear in many moments, with its excellent soundtrack and bizarre enemies In the game, and those who but it seems the most cruel in the end you see that they are not as you think, that in the case are the Big Daddy, the history behind these characters with a wetsuit is interesting and very sad too, he Which has a duty to protect the Little Sister, which are not as you think, there are moments that you have to pity them, the game has a good end and a bad end, and that depends very much what you do in the progress of the game, The graphics are beautiful, the water quality is perfect, the ambiance is dark, the gameplay works, and the game has twists and a great Plot Twist, and the 2007 best game award was well deserved, BioShock is one of the best FPS I already played with a storyline. Excellent and deep, with tense moments and good graphics. Note 95