One of the best games of the last decade.

User Rating: 10 | BioShock PC
Bioshock has one of the best plot ever made, the first time I played I only expected an FPS with a somber tone, but the game surprised me with a deep, exciting and very well built storyline, the game takes place in 1960 in the subaquatic city Of Rapture, and the history of the city is explained in the course of the game with audios scattered in the scene, where the creator of the city Andrew Ryan explains, the graphics of the game are beautiful, the water is spectacular, very well made, the environment is beautiful, Even being scary is very cool the city, the game frightens, you are afraid in many moments, since the game has creatures, and of course the Little Sister one of the most important points of the game, which has as a coast guard the Big Daddy , A character that seems to be evil, more every time you understand your story and feeling sorry for Big Daddy, the game has 2 finals, the good ending and the bad end, the good ending, the gameplay is good, the game Got a lot of Half-Life, you have a key ing Which is the player's first weapon in the game, and remembers even the goat's foot that you use in Half-Life all the time, Bioshock is a masterpiece with beautiful graphics, an incredible storyline and interesting characters with several twists And a very well constructed Plot Twist. Note 100