One of the best single player FPS games ever!

User Rating: 6 | BioShock PS3

Rapture! I'm back after 10 years. From playing the 360 version i very much enjoyed in 2007 to the remaster of PS4 2017. How time flies.

When i first played this game on 360 i was blown away by the intro graphics. After the plane crashed i looked at the tower and said wow... this looks great. Clearly i do not have the same reaction 10 years later after playing games with better visuals than this, but Bioshock still looks good, specially at 1080/60 on PS4. This game will always look good.

There is a saying many use... did the game age well? I never understood this. For me games are as good back then as today. Bioshock is a perfect example. 10 years later i enjoyed it maybe even more than before!

Story wise Bioshock is a pretty interesting game. As you play through the game you figure out what happen down there in Rapture and who you are. Its not a super deep story, but a good one for a FPS game you beat in like 10 hours.

I love the 1950's setting. Great art style. The music of the past. The voice acting is top notch, some of the best in gaming. They made Rapture really feel like a time bubble.

One very important thing for me in games is turning off aim assist. For mutiplayer there should never be such an option, there should never be aim assist period! Single player it needs at least the option to turn it off, and Bioshock has it which really makes the gameplay better. Starting this game on survival with no aim assist is the way to go. I started on hard, but it's ok i'm doing fresh survival run ;). It's not a challenging game, but survival without an upgraded character will at least not be a walk in the park. After you beat it all your unlocks carry to a new game, so make sure to challenge yourself first!

As a Killzone player one thing i welcome very much in Bioshock is the feeling of weight. It adds to realism, from moving around to combat. It may not be as important as not having aim assist, but something also important that not only made Killzone the best multiplayer games on console, but makes Bioshock more enjoyable than jumping around feather weight Noob of Duty style.

I beat it a coupe of times. The challenge room DLC is a nice extra. One of the great things about collection remasters is all DLC. Overall good value for a no online FPS story game.

They don't make FPS story games like this anymore. Not with this story, atmosphere, style.. nah. Thank god for remasters! My old 360 is a jet engine, much better to play on PS4 at 60 fps, 1080p, all DLC. Get it!! Bioshock 1!!!!!