Problem with run bioshock 1 on windows 8 64 bit

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Problem with run bioshock 1 on windows 8 64 bit , it didn't work , why?

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Yeah its laggy and NOT work in windows 8
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I know this is a dated reply post, but I just ran into this problem on Friday (8-9-2013) because of the Steam sale this year. Bought the first 2 bioshocks after having played Infinite. Just got around to installing and playing them. The problem is basically time has passed. Its been a while since Aug 21, 2007 when it was originally released. And it wasn't designed for Windows 8 . I know that you can get it running on Windows 7-64 by 2 small but important steps. 1. Set the compatibility mode for bioshock.exe to enabled and run as Vista SP2. Base Vista, SP1, nor XP variations do not work whatever issue may be. 2. This step may or may not apply to you. It depends on the specific sound chip(s) you are using in your system. "Stereo Mixer" needs to be turned on for your sound card/chipset to handle the in game sounds as well at chat. But it appears to affect the single player campaign too even though you are not using chat. lol -Go to the Control Panel, and click the entry for Sounds (hope its in the same place as on 7; you might have to hunt around otherwise). Select the Recording tab. Right click some where in the window and make sure "Show Disabled Devices" is marked as on. If the Stereo Mixer is in there turn it On. If it is set to On, leave it alone :P If the entry is NOT there, leave it alone. This step doesn't apply to you. Bonus: If you are running the Steam version of the game you can set launch parameter of -nointro The game will just skip over the annoying banner adds for the companies love to make you have to sit and watch wasting valuable play time! elfwhoever
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I seem to be having the same proble and don't know what's going on.