Pretentious is the right classification, I think

User Rating: 7.5 | BioShock Infinite PC
Some games you want to like so much. You always hope that what you're playing now is the classic of the future. Pitty Bioshock Infinite isn't that. It is indeed pretentious, like the movie Prometheus. It's got a story that tries to be mysterious by neglecting to tell it. We're supposed to appreciate such things, except I don't.

I've always hated the fetish that some developers (Bethesda!) have with containers that generate randomized loot. Here, you must relish in it. How do you get money? Why, you turn over every garbage bin, because whatever else would people do with their money but throw it away, right?

Once upon a time these design decisions would have been inconceivable, but no longer.

As always these days, you get a console interface (radial menu: check, bracketed text to click on: check, lists-within-lists: check) and the associated nastiness (mouse lag, FoV that feels like you're rotating on the surface of a sphere rather than at the center of it as you look around).

Storytelling makes too much use of delaying tactics too. Take the elevator. Oh no, it's broken. Get someone to fix it. Oh no, his tools are missing. Get him his tools. Oh no...

Maybe I'm getting old and grumpy...