Bioshock is back, but not better than ever.

User Rating: 7.5 | BioShock Infinite PS3
I was so excited about this addition to the Bioshock series, especially when I found out that the original designer from the first Bioshock was on board. I was at the midnight release waiting patiently hoping that I did not get disappointed by another title that promised more than it delivered.
I got home put in the disk and of course there has to be an update the minute you put it in, so I waited and found that the original Bioshock came with it, which was like a bonus that I was not suspecting, so I clicked on it and found that it had to be loaded on the hard drive, again I waited. The bad thing is is that you still have to have the disk in to play the original, so why force us to wait to download onto our hard-drives? Why just not let us play it from the disk.
I'm sorry for rambling. so I finally start the game and the visuals are beautiful and I was amazed hop crisp they were. I wandered through the town looking through everything that was open, and of course rummaging through everything that they would let me. I get to the point where the story-line starts and it is mildly interesting, I will not give any spoilers as to the moral of the story.
Finally I got to the point where the fighting started and the weapons are good enough but you can only carry two at a time, which is quite bothersome, especially when the newer evolved weapons start to make an appearance. The only problem is that having these weapons is not a good thing because the NPC's only seem to carry machine guns or pistols, occasionally you are lucky enough to find that NPC's were carrying the weapons that you have equipped.
I know that the reason that I enjoyed the original Bioshock was because it was the total package for a first person shooter. It contained stealth, shooting, decisions that make an impact on the story, and of course the irritating but addictive puzzles for hacking equipment. This game has very few of those features. This game is a straight up first person shooter, with a few quirks that make it slightly enjoyable. This game relies too much on the action of the damsel in distress, she pretty much does everything for you. She gives you ammo, health, money, and what I thought was going to be cool and was hoping that it was the puzzle part of the game is picking locks, which she does for you AGAIN.
I also went through the original Bioshock in however long it took me, which I think was like a week because I'm one of those people who has to find everything and after it was over I played it again. This game I think I may be 1/2 to 3/4's through and I've put it down and will play it to the end when I feel like it. Also if you played the little online games to get stuff when the game came out be prepared to be disappointed. I searched for the things that I thought that I had gotten and they were nowhere to be found, and anyways I can only carry 2 guns at a time and shotguns do not work well in this game because this is not like Bioshock where you were in close quarters and they were an option to fight the Big Daddies and the splicers.
Overall this game is worth playing because it is an addition to the Bioshock series, other than that don't expect a game that will leave you in awe as the first one did.