*Spoilers* Questions on the ending

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This is driving me nuts, the forums don't seem to be booming but I hope someone can help spell this out for me. Correct me if anything I say is wrong. Cheers!

So it seems that to stop Booker from becoming Comstock, he needed to be drowned before he has the decision to accept or reject the baptism. The Accept Bookers cant only be killed because if the Reject Bookers stay that forces an alternate (Reject) universe to form, thus both must be snuffed out.

But it seems to be a general consensus on the internet that somehow Booker still ends up with Anna as his baby, Comstock never existed and thus none of the events in Infinite happen.

How does this random new "Booker stays with Anna" universe spawn up? I thought that the Baptism was a constant and it cant just, not happen? Also, like I said above, you cant just drown the Accept Bookers cause that forces an alternate Reject Booker for form and you're back to square one with Infinite amounts of Comstock/Booker universes.

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the answer quite simply is that there are an infinite of possibilities, therefore there can be a reality where there is a booker that stays with Anna.