Opinions, please, before I get this game :)

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I'd like to play Bioshock Infinite, but I'm not very good at shooters. My only experience with a "shooter" was Alan Wake. I loved the story, wasn't keen on the shooting aspect, but glad I played it because of the story. How does the difficulty level of Bioshock Infinite compare to Alan Wake, if at all? I've heard the story is amazing, but I'm hesitant to try it. I usually only play action, turn based, platform, or puzzle games (Kingdom Hearts, Tales series, Mario, Professor Layton) and would like to try something different, but not too difficult. Thank you so much for any input anyone might have :)

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The graphics are for the most part lush and smooth even on the now ancient 360 and ps3's. the controls work really well and responsive, elizabeth is truly helpful and not annoying in the slightest. I personally thought it was too easy on medium difficulty. It is a 12-15 hour campaign, no major unlockables at the end, no multiplayer, but i'm a sucker for a good single player story.

But it is totally different from the games you mentioned above, and it's only a couple of weeks old, so it will be pricey. Booker the main character in the game is truly cool, and has powers to use on his feeble foes, some cracking guns, but it has been "simplified" for the modern era, no u-invent machines unlike in the other bioshocks, two gun capacity, etc

I mean for me personally worth every penny, even considering a few gripes about it.


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For avid shooter players, Normal mode is a bit too easy, but for you, it may bit a bit too hard in places given what you've said. On Easy it's plenty doable though even for casual gamers.

It has great art design and entry level exploration, but mostly in the form of tying trunks to keys and ciphers to code books that you need to find. Sometimes your AI partner Elizabeth gives you easy clues in her dialog. The basic scavenging exploration is fairly minimal.

Make no mistake, it is largely an FPS game, even more so this installment vs past ones. To a degree you can get by using vigors as weapons, but they really only assist the shooting for the most part.

There are a few battles in the game that could be fairly daunting even on Easy for one not adept at shooters. I have a neighbor whom regularly plays the more common shooters like CoD, HL and GTA. He's a fairly casual player that always plays on Easy, quite often while drinking and smoking. In playing Infinite he died a few times in places, but he's not exactly one to take cover much.

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The TC sounds like me.  Same favorite types of games.  Same inability to shoot straight.  LOL

Did you ever play the first BioShock?  You don't need to, as this is a whole new story, but that might give you an idea of the difficulty level.  BSI is definitely harder, but you could literally let enemies whale on you in the original game on Easy, leisurely taking them out.

There are four difficulty levels in BSI, one of which has to be unlocked after completion or with the famed Konami code.  So Easy really is Easy.  As long as you try to use both your vigors (powers) and weapons, and you scrounge a bit and upgrade them when possible, you'll only be challenged a handful of times.  Dying isn't bad at all, as you respawn almost immediatly with little or no penalty.

And your puzzle background will help.  Not long into the game, you get the ability to call in support during an encounter.  When you enter a combat area, you'll see the possibilities ("should I call in that turret?  or perhaps that wall for cover?  or maybe that freight hook so I can swing myself to a higher vantage point?").  You always have options.  And a couple of the vigors are designed to stun large groups of enemies, giving you even more time to make up your mind.

Hope you enjoy it!  The story is fantastic.

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I never found either of the Bioshock games too difficult, and if you play on easy you'll be fine. It's definitely worth it. If you can, get it on PC. The graphical difference is huge and on PC it's one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen (not that it's too shabby on consoles, either!). Amazing story,  engrossing world, complex characters ... All good stuff!

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The game has an amazing story but the combat is kinda meh. if you play on easy, Elizabeth pretty much gives you everything you need once you get low enough. She just throws Health,Salts and ammo at you.


out of the games you listed that i know kingdom hearts is much harder.

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Alan wake is one of the most overlooked game of the past couple of years. It´s a great game and one of my favorite all time and top 10 xbox360 games. I think the shooting is more intense and stressful in alan wake so bioshock should be no problem, also 3rd person. Bioshock is an little above avarage FPS but with some great elements in form of plasmids(electric shocks, sending swarms of crows and more) and skylines(rails you ride on to shot and jump on people ) makes for a really satisfying gameplay thats offers a little more than the standard shooter. It´s not that hard, i am no FPS lover and not great at it, but i have hade 2 runs with the game, on normal an 1999 mode(the highest). Normal was fairly easy and you can mostly run and gun and if you are really inexperienced easy will be mostly run and gun while normal will be a little challange and you will probobly die a few times(but dying in the game is really forgivning). I think it is great game and a must play this year and generation, especially if you like a good story in a game!