multiplayer would have worked

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I know that a game like  this does not need multiplayer..especially after bioshock 2's tacked on mode. BUT the gameplay mechanics and coregunplay is so much better in infinate that a multiplayer mode would work really well,  am i the only one who thinks this? i hope irrational consider it as an add on because the gunplay is so good and the skyline system works really well that a competitive multiplayer may be a success

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Yes, I think you are. What separates BIOShock from alot of FPS games is that fact that the single player is so immersive, the details, the story line, the characters, each background and setting. This really doesn't need to be spoiled by having some cheap lvl to 60, 3-5 maps, of a few mini mode games multi-played. While then shortening a really great game to achieve this as an extra. If you are thinking campaign co-op that would just spoil this fantastic game altogether. How annoying would 3 Lizzy's be? Or queuing up for a vending machine or skipping the little recordings and video's as your partner rushes on. It would turn this game into Borderlands and that would be a total waste.

Leave multi-player to those dediacted multi-player shooters and go play COD or HALO or your own preference of multi-played shooter. While letting the rest of us enjoy this great game in all it settings for what it is.

The only advice to multi-player is make your game single player campaign bigger.........