Choices in Bioshock

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I just got Bioshock Infinite and refrained from watching any playthroughs from spoiling anything. My question is that do the choices have any effect on the story/end or gameplay and if not, why have the choices in the game?
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If you havent yet finished the game I would avoid asking that question. One of the main plotline threads and themes is about 'choice' so you may be spoiling that for yourself. I can tell you the answer if you want - just wanted to warn you first :)
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There's one morality choice that can slightly change what equipment you have access to and one that applies to an achievement if you play a certain way throughout the game, but there's nothing major in the way of choices or outcomes.

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I agree, I wouldnt ask that question until you finish playing the game. It wouldnt be a Bioshock game without choices but there are not like 5 different endings if thats what youre worried about.

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I'm curious about this question as well. I recall making my decisions, the good ones I hope, but I never really picked up on what impact my choices had on the overall experience.




The only thing I noticed after a decision I made was the couple that was about to be stoned at the drawing in the plaza thanked me for not participating and causing a distraction long enough for them to escape.