Very fun, and different.

User Rating: 8.5 | BioShock 2 PS3
The Bioshock series is always unique. With the eve powers, weapons, upgrades, and the overall theme are creative and very cool. To make this review short, the campaign lasted me a good maybe around 10-12 hours on normal, I'm currently replaying it on hard and man it's challenging D: (Again not a lot of shooters are hard which makes this game even better) What I love about the campaign are the enemies. They produce a creepy feeling, and I love that in games haha. For the multiplayer, it was just plain addictive. There were quite a few bugs though, that was the only down side. The online community is always active, mostly in the game mode capture the sister. If your looking for a different experience definitely pick his up! very cheap right now too. (I prefer this game on ps3, I've played on both)