Not as good as the original. Weaker story but it's still worth another visit to Rapture

User Rating: 8.5 | BioShock 2 X360
Bioshock two is a worthy sequel to Bioshock but unfortunately falls just a little short of the greatness of Bioshock.

It's almost the same game but the story isn't quite as interesting. Of course your actions through the game to have an effect on the final ending, as in Bioshock 1 there are more than one ending depending on the path you take. I only saw the "good" ending..The one where I wasn't an evil jack a$$.

So other than the story not being as interesting what also hurt this game for me(although it has a cool factor too) is that you play a big daddy this time around trying to re find the little girl you lost. As cool as this sounds the problem is is that in the first Bioshock encounters with the big daddies often left you a little terrified. This time around you're a big daddy and that tends to give you a feeling of invincibility. You just don't feel as vulnerable in rapture. The only thing that may spark a little fear in you is the Big sisters...a new enemy. And unlike the clunky big daddies..these girls are slim and speedy. They're agile and can jump for floor to ceiling. I fun enemy that makes you feel archaic in design.

As a big daddy you now have access to Big Daddy weapons so the weapons are totally different from those of number 1. You can also now duel wield your weapons and abilities at once making for lethal and fun combos.

Still if you loved Bioshock 1 then this is worth playing and not to be missed.

Another feature added to Bioshock 2 is multi-player. I was never convinced that Bioshock needed a multi-player and looking back I can't believe I played it as long as I did. You can reach up to level 40, after that it's a DLC to get to level 50. I went as far as level 40 and then didn't care anymore.

The problem with the multi player is that it can be laggy. It also favors the higher level characters too much. It's really too unbalanced and can make it unfun for lower level characters as you are too outmatched by higher level characters and their significantly more powerful perks. Those who get the level 50 DLC are given even more perks that further unbalance the game. There were times I enjoyed the multi player but those were few. I haven't played the multi player in well over a year and it's hard for me to believe that there would still be people playing it..although now I am curious to put it on just to find out...nah it wasn't that good.