Perhaps not equal to Bioshock, but a worthy sequel nonetheless.

User Rating: 8 | BioShock 2 PC
Aside from awesome gameplay and atmosphere, the thing I appreciated most about Bioshock 2 was its attention to detail and proficiency in developing believable characters and back stories which allow you to really connect with what is happening. To illustrate; (SPOILER) throughout the game, you find a series of very recent recordings by a man named Mark Meltzer, who believes his daughter to be inside the underwater city of Rapture and is desparately searching for her. It's implied the recordings are very recent and you are more or less following in his footsteps. At one point you hear him get into some sort of fight in the next room, but he's disappeared by the time you enter the room. You don't hear from him after that, until you pry an audio recording from the corpse of a Big Daddy. You listen to the recording and realise you've just killed him. He's been turned into one by the main antagonist. (SPOILER END)

Bioshock 1 and 2 build characters and backstories so well that you actually feel like you have a place in the world and attachements to the characters; something that is very hard to achieve in a video game.

Bioshock 2 was fantastic, but with the exception of its final act, lacked the grandeur, novelty and polish of its predecessor.