My Bioshock review

User Rating: 7 | BioShock 2 X360
This game was good, but does not have the "shock" factor of the first one. I remember playing the first Bioshock and seeing those mutated people around gave it an eerie feeling. In this one they are less frightening and the atmosphere is less "scary". Everything has been consumed by coral reefs and underwater foliage, which gives it that wet, submerged feel. You play as subject delta this time around, which resembles "Big Daddy", where your main enemy is the new "Big Sisters". Although they are quick, there appearance is somewhat less intimidating than that of Big Daddy. They seem like they could have fitted more of an ally role instead because after-all, you are saving little sisters, which is what they were in their early life to begin with. I would have liked to have seen more physical characters and storytelling that was more cinematic than the constant radio chatter bits you get all too often. The power-ups and weapons are neat, but I found myself sticking to just a few guns that were upgraded enough to pack a decent enough damage to make my powers and other weapons obsolete, which may of been the whole idea of choosing your weapon and utilizing it throughout the game.

The multiplayer adds a little flair to the series which can be entertaining. Getting into a game however can take some time as people drop in and out and not enough people start to hinder the chances of actually playing. Once it's up and running, the action is frantic as you disarm turrets and plant bombs on vending machines and blast your foes with bullets, rocket launchers, and powers. Overall, it's a great experience if you're a fan of the original Bioshock. This one just seemed to lack that atmosphere that the first one had and at times felt all too familiar. So if you want more "Bioshockness", then this is the game for you, just don't expect it to "wow" and revolutionize the series.