An underwater world waiting for you to get sunk into,Bioshock.

User Rating: 8.5 | BioShock 2 X360
The Good
Story line Combat Engaging the player into the game Feel Look
The Bad
Shortness of story line Scariness(Lol) Amount of combat in the game.

The game shows loads of really good features such as the amounts of times you can run around with a gigantic double barrel shotgun in your hand and blow splicers to bits,but the game can sometimes,sometimes..only some show bits which could give you the "Ifs",such as when you just get into the story line,your starting to understand all the features and get to know the characters and BAM!,the game have ended,you still have places to explore,guns to upgrade and people to kill.

But the game is such any amazing game even though it has the bad sectors.Bioshock is the one them kind of games which gives you the motivation to go away and research the characters the features and loads more,allowing you to get more wrapped into the short story.

Overall i'm going to give the game an 8.5 out of ten.Great but short story line and an amazing combat system.