Bioshock 2 is just as thrilling and gripping as the first and with online multiplayer this game can do no wrong. Amazing

User Rating: 10 | BioShock 2 PS3
Rapture......It is the most fantastic fictional world ever made. From the art deco 50's style to the amazingily disturbing atmosphere, Rapture has provided us with our home and greatest fear. The first is like no other game ever made, nothing can come close to Bioshock and it is simply to say IMO the greatest game ever made. The long awaited sequel is here, the wait is over, and you will be 100% satisfyed with everything it offers. Critics say its to much alike, with a brand new combat system and newer enemies, I see nothing alike. The only similarities I see are the atmosphere, thats it plain and simple. Bioshock 2 is different in many ways to its preddeccessor, no where, in any way is it the same. With all new online multiplayer, this game can do aboslutly nothing wrong, its engaging, addicting, and a fresh new way to spend your time online. Bioshock 2 may be the years best game, and one of my favorites.

The gameplay is simply fantastic, fun, and very unique. In first you play Jack Ryan, a normal person. In Bioshock 2 you play as the Big Daddy. Yes you are the big daddy, but no Big daddy, the first. You are subject Delta and along with that you are extremely powerful and different from other big daddies. You come across many different enemies in this game. Of course you will battle the original splicers from the first; regular freaks, spider, and houdini. But a new splicer is also introduced, The Brute splicer. This splicer is huge, and can throw things, jump everywhere and hurt you badly. They are the hardest splicers you will face, but still arent that hard to take down. The traditional machines are present from the first; machine turret, cameras (which send out drones), drone machine gun flyers, and rocket turrets. Of course you will be facing the most recogniazable chracater in the Bioshock world, The big daddies. They are tough, mean, and there are 4 kinds you will face on your journey of salvation. You will face: bouncers, rosies, other alphas like yourself and the all new Rumbler Big daddy which is missile launcing and mini turret dispensing big daddy. The hardest one you will face, is probaly the tumpler becuase of his mini turrets. The hardest enemy out of all of them is definatly the new enemy.....The big sister, these once little sisters have grown up and with big daddy like armor. Everytime you adopt or harvest a little sister, big sister will be there pissed off and ready to kill you at any cost. she is quick, agile, and stong. Shes very hard to take down and she will definatly be your toughest opponet.

Now to your weaponary, it is powerful, vast, and very cool. You will receive the following weapons through your journey; a machine gun, your drilll, spear gun, shot gun, hack gun, launcher weapon, rivet gun, and many more. All of these guns are powerful and have there own purpose. The drill for melee, shotgun for close battle, shotgun for medium to long range, spear gun for long range, rivet for all purpose, and launcher for pure chaos. All these weapons balance out well and they are all a joy to use.

Hacking has changed from the first, in Bioshock you played a "tubes" mini game to hack every thing or you had automatic hack tools. In Bioshock 2 you have a whole new system of hacking plus a new weapon desighned for just hacking. Hacking is now a back and forth needle mini game. You must hit the needle on the green spots when the needle crosses that color area. Once you do you will have hacked that weapon. You use the hack gun just like any other gun, you shoot a hack needle at a machine or safe and hack from a distance, this makes combat more tactical and fun. There is also a new feature to hacking that is very fun and competitive, you may go for blue bonuses. When playing the game, you will se blue, green, and red areas, if you hit at least one blue and succesfully hack you will get bonuses. For example heal stations will drop aid packs, circus of values will give you random goods, and Ammo venders will give you ammo. The hacking has been simplifyed, but at the same time can be diffcult if you want it to be.

The little sister system has changed A LOT. It isnt just a simple kill big daddy, harvest or save. This time there are very tough morale choices and you must choose wisely. As in the first, you still must kill the lil sisters big daddy to get to her, but now you can adopt or harvest her. Instead of saving and getting it over with, you can adopt the little sister, and she will guide you to "angels" or dead bodies with adam. But there is a price for more adam, you must fend off adam thirsty splicers coming to take your little sister and kill her. So when harvesting you must defend waves of splicers, this intense and fun gameplay is a thrill and very satisfying once done.

From a graphical perspective this game is better looking than the original and with improved atmosphere, this game is just beutiful in a disturbing way. The blood animation has improved, and also the body animations. The disturbing atmosphere is more creepy and disturing than the original and this is just amazing. Also a new things introduced in Bioshock 2 is underwater set pieces, you will be underwater a few times and the graphics beuty really plays in on this mini scenes, just amazing.

In Bioshock 2 you encounter one of the coolest features to the game, onlin multiplayer, it is addictive, well crafted, and alll the macthes are great. There are many modes, some examples being: Deathmacth, Team Deathmacth, and capture the little sister. All of the modes avaible are fun and the community you play with on PSN is very supportive in winning macthes. The best feature of the onlin has to be the ability to choose a chracter and customize them to your fancy. Multiplayer is just another reason to love Bioshock 2.

The story isnt as amazing as the first, but you will still be sucked in and your heart will be pounding as you find everything out. It is now 10 years after the actions of the first and you will be back in wonderfull Rapture. You play as a reactivated Big daddy, who was the first ever big daddy. You are now looking for your long lost little sister you had 10 years ago. You will endure great morale choices and hardship. This games story is very choosefull and very veyr gripping, you will be crying, yelling, and anxiosly waiting for the end. Brilliantly done by 2k Marin and Jordan Thomas the creative director. The length is long and you will easily clock in at about19-21 hours or if you explore every inch of every area a fer sure 25 like myself.

All in all Bioshock 2 doesnt add up to the firsts beuty, but in its own right, Bioshock 2 is simply the perfect shooter.