BioShock 2, OH YEAH!! It's Good, but not the first!!

User Rating: 8.5 | BioShock 2 PC
What's to say about a game that lives up to the hype of the first? It's hardly anything new, but Bio Shock 2 does something not a lot of squeals do. It's actually a good squeal and worth playing. Of course there is flaws, being that a new developer took over from the original, but everything that made the first Bio Shock fun, and addictive is back, with some much needed relief (hacking tool, THANK YOU).

Let's get down too business!!

1. Story: It's not great, but it's not bad. It adds on to the Bio Sock lore, and grows the city. I had more fun listening too all the bio's and the amusing "Journey to the Surface" ride, than I did listening the actual story. The story picks up in the end, so overall not a bad story, and it keeps the lore a live.

2. Graphics: The same style, but a definite upgrade. I don't see how anyone can not see the improvement (unless your not running Direct X 11 and have a computer that can run everything at full, than please don't say anything about Graphics), the shadows are better, the water effects are better, very thing is better than the original. It's not a HUG leap from the original, but an improvement.

3. Sound: Turn up your 5.1 and get ready for some great sound effects. Most of the sounds are taking out of the original, so the same great sound effects return along with some new. I did notice that they took out the annoying clowns voice from the "Circus of Value", which is kind of upsetting because I enjoyed hearing it in the distance when a splicer was using it. Overall, the sound is just as great as the original.

4. Combat: Same as Bio Sock, Bio Sock 2 offers nothing new to the combat system. It's unfortunate, because they do have you playing the original "Big Daddy". They added the Drill, which is fun, but the drill runs out of gas fast leaving you to use it like a club. What is annoying is the fact that you are a "Big Daddy", yet you die as if you where nothing but a splicer yourself. This makes no since, but I guess if you play this weakness off as being a flawed original trying to fix yourself for the end, then it works. The drill is one heck of a melee weapon, and it kills almost instantly when combined with a plasmid, but it's annoying to be so weak, when your suppose to be a big "BAD A$$".

5. Hacking Tool: Some people complained about this, I do not know why! In the first Bio Shock, I spent at least 2 hours of game play just hacking everything. This new way of hacking, still makes you stay on your toes, but greatly reduces the frustration that you had when you had to pause the game, and figure out how to line pipes up. This was a great idea to reduce the hacking time, but keep hacking in the game.

6. Big Sisters: More like end level boss fight's, there not bad and hey it works. It's fun to fight them, and they give the game a new enemy that is needed.

7. Multiplayer: Needs work (at least for the PC version), I only say this because with the limited time I played multiplayer, almost ALL of my time was waiting for people to join. If 8 players don't join, than let us start the darn match!!! I hate having to wait forever for people. Let's us join a game, wait maybe a minute, and than start the game with whoever is in that match. I waited 30 minutes for one match to start because we were waiting for people. Not acceptable!! When I did start to play, the game was fun, and the combat was just like single player combat. It's not bad, but it needs work. (this was for ranked matches).

8. Pro's: Improved graphics, Delivers a engaging story that build up the lore of the game world (here is to a Trilogy, I hope), hacking tool is a GOD SEND!! Being able to step out into the sea floor adds some atmosphere.

9. Con's: Big Daddy is weak, not a BIG leap from original game, long wait times for multiplayer.

In conclusion, you need to buy this game if you played and loved the first game. You will not be disappointing, but you will not be SHOCKED!! 2K Marin did nothing dangerous, or risky when they developed this game, they stuck with what worked, and while it's not as good as the original Bio Shock, it does nothing to ruin the recipe that made the original the classic it is today. Let's hope that in the future, that 2k Marin now can move the franchise forward with new innovative ideas.

Some people have physics issues with the game, or so they say. This game is built from the UT engine, many great games are built from this engine. On my computer, I see NO problem with physics. I also see NO problem with so called "Blink" explosions. It goes back to my point. If you do not have a computer than can run a game at full potential on the PC, than PLEASE don't review the game for PC. Like one person said, he didn't see much of the problems on the counsel version of this game. That's because the counsel is designed to play games from the ground up, and can run everything. The only disadvantage is no mouse and key board support. If you do not meet the recommended requirements (not minimal), than don't buy this game on PC. Buy it on X-box360 or PS3. If you have a HD TV, with your system hooked to it by HDMI, than you will see the full graphic potential of the game. The only reason some buy on PC, is because of mouse and key board. Yet, I played the first Bio Sock on the PS3, and enjoyed it, and I also played it on my computer. It rocks both systems. This game is not a port from counsel, this game allows you to map your own key's to where you want them, and customize your keyboard and mouse controls any way you want. If your going to play this game with a Controller anyway, than get it for your counsel. Don't cry because you can't use a controller for your PC version of the game.

My System

Mother Board: EVGA P55 FTW SLI Intel.
RAM: GeiL EVO DDR3 2000 (8Gig)
Video Card: EVGA Geforce GTX 275 896MB Super Clocked (3 SLI'ed)
CPU: i7 2.8 GHz quad core
I also got 4 hard drives, all 7200RPM's. 2 are in raid config for games, one is for storage and the other for my OS.
My system is water cooled, and has a 1200Watt power supply.

I am not gloating, I am just proving that I can run this game with everything maxed out including ant-aliasing at 1920x1200.