Bio Big Daddy. Might be years down the track but you will love it like the first game.

User Rating: 9 | BioShock 2 PC
From the start of the game you are put into a different story. The game plays just the same as the first, but with a few twists in the weapons. When you start to harvet make sure you ahve enough of everything, splicers will cut through doors, jump over rails and do andything and everything to get to you and stop the harvest.
Once you adopt a sister then big sister will come at you to stop you as well.
So with all this, you have to follow a story as well. So along the lines of the first game, this one improves on it.
Easy controls and you just get that feeling that you are back, maybe years down the track from the first game, but you are back.
Rapture has also started to change, the city is falling apart, all you want to do is get out, get back to normal. But a price you will have to pay along the way.
Having played this game for the past 8 hours, I was taken in by just how much the city captures you.
I have loved the first game, the second improves on it. Watch out for the brute he is tough. If you want a good FTS then this is it.