This game is very good. BUT!!! This game should be called Bioshock 1.5 I have already played this and it was 1 year ago.

User Rating: 7.5 | BioShock 2 X360
Bioshock 2

Ok, First the gameplay is great! I mean you really couldnt ask for much more. The way it moves and feels is just top notch. The thing that really bothers me is that I feel like I have already played this game. I really think this game should be called bioshock 1.5. It has no real new innovative thing about it. Its basically your in a Daddy suit rather than just a person and a different story. THATS IT!

Also I really feel that the story in the first game was a lot better than this one. Even though the game has some flaws. It has nothing to do with the gameplay. Its just as fun but could feel to close to the first one. Even though I do like it I wish they could have thought of a better stroy that wouldnt feel to close to the first. Maybe a rent would be better than a buy....