Bioshock 2 may be familiar to the original, but to fans of the series, that wont be a massive drawback

User Rating: 9 | BioShock 2 PC
Bioshock 2 is somewhat of a mixed bag, after playing it all night since midnight in the UK, I have come to the conclusion that this is a great game, although some need to have an understanding of the first game does help in order to help you keep playing the game as fully being immersed in the world of Rapture is the best way to experience Bioshock 2 fully, it won't win over new fans to the series simply on the fact that Bioshock got its fanbase firmly set after the first game, and has crafted a game squarely for the fans, and expanded the already impressive world of rapture, and its genetically altered inhabitants.

Without giving anything away the story is directly on par with the first game, offering up a few twists on the story and the big daddy that you are actually has a sense of purpose, Jack in the first game was there to uncover the truth, Big Daddy in this game is there to try and be reunited with a long lost friend. Whilst in the conversion from one to two, a lot of the wonder and sheer intrigue may have been lost, since most will be fully in synch with the world or Rapture, it was so lovingly crafted in the first game you cant help but get a feeling of Deja Vu coming into the second game, it is not a bad thing if you loved the first game so much, but if you was looking for something new then this will sadly be a minor drawback affecting the story a little.

Bioshock runs at a slower pace than most first person shooters, this we already knew from the first game, but with the changes to character and the improvements in making your own decisions, aka helping the little sisters or harvesting them like last time, however saving them this time feels more rewarding, as you can set up a bond with the little sisters and even help them along the way, giving that real sense of the whole game having a purpose other than getting fro A to B. I will look over the multiplayer as i did not see a need for it in this game and after one match i still saw no real need for it lol. The enemy in this game is no Andrew Ryan lets clear that up straight away, Ryan had a real sense of purpose and this was his world, but i will let you judge on the enemy in this game as I do not want to spoil any point to this game in the review.

Graphically the game looks just the way you remembered it, which is a nice thing for console owners but on the PC they could have pushed it a little further, in fact at some moment there are some really poor texture blemishes that should have been further polished, but nevermind in a world as creative as this you can really look over little texture issues. The game overall will impress its fans such as me, and will no doubt leave some wanting more, but without the sense of wonder that the first game had, Rapture may just need to go for the prequel for Bioshock 3... who knows! real score 8.8/10