bioshock 2,,is more of the same,,nothing less and nothing more,,,but more of the same good

User Rating: 8 | BioShock 2 X360
hey there ,,
Dringin Booze and Vodka is still fu ni nthis game and quite hilarious ,,i might add;p

locations are the most scary in this game,,and u can hear water dropping,,--

--locations os levels,,looks too much alike,,and ca nget boring,,but still fun,,game has not enough variety at times,..rescueig little sisters,,gets repatative,,and u do so muc hthe same stuff over and over;p

me here again and im going to tel lu about the sequel to ,,

bioshock,,,the sequel is just called bioshock 2;p,,

,,returning to the underwater mental patients has always been a pleasure,,there is not excptions here,,this nice,,thrilling,,exciting yourney,,gets it sequel,,

is the sequel any better,,does it tries to be any different than it predecessor,,

well in terms on new stuff like online now and other stuff,,it does,,which just add to the fun and game,,

--the creepy athmospherres are still there,,

though the story is still exciting,,i think bioshock game are slightly repetative,,but thats just me,,always those retarded nazy-underwater mental patients;p,,

puzzles are intacts good,,but mre of the same here,,music is spot and and superb,,and other sounds like yeels,,echoes of water dropping,,voices of thugs,,every voice litterary,,and some are funny like male thugs voices;),,lol,,;);p,,

levels and missions are exclent and a beautiful and intense story ,,a quite nice ride,,beaitufil told story,,some cry-moments litterary;),,;p,,

story is ofcourse still the best part along with its creepy athmospere,,music and gore and puzzles,,..--

weapons are awesome and exelent i like the aresanl,,

other things,,not so fun stuff,,the alarm camera goes of,,alarming the whole areas,,meeting another of yourself,,rescuing little sisters are fun stuff but not the best parts,,shooting is and puzzles;),,pp

and cutscenes;);p

when u have entered a level to the next or ares,,u really feel,,u have marked yourself lol,,

things written on the wall are still creepy,,open doors with your mental power is still good--fun and strogn parts of the game,,use psyics i nthe game;p,,

anyway grab a toilet and lets go;pp;9,,kidding;),,

cya,,rapture and venture-bros;p