Experience the life Big Daddys and Little Sisters.

User Rating: 8 | BioShock 2 Remastered PC

This was a good sequel to Bioshock. Experiencing Rapture through the shoes of a Big Daddy is interesting. Cool thing is you get to wield a big ass drill. You can launch yourself around and deflect projectiles, giving the game a completely different approach if you didn't want to use guns. There is a much larger variety of enemies in Bioshock 2. The game challenges your use of plasmids and weapons more so than it's predecessor. I love how the game grouped the gene pools together, such that it's less cluttered when managing. Though I wish there were plasmid previews before purchasing, cause I never know what some plasmid upgrades actually do. The explanation is not that good. I still wish there was an easier way to manage your weapon and plasmid shortcuts though. You get so many along the way, that you can easily get mixed up during an intense battle. There were times where I just settled with a less optimal weapon because cycling through to the right one would take too much time, and I'd take too much damage. Though with multiple play throughs, I can imagine speed running through Bioshock 2 would be quite fun.

The narrative is one of the strong points of the game as usual. There are plenty of dialogue that enriches the story as you progress. Plenty of characters have various agendas, and don't always align with the ideologies of Sofia Lamb. This draws into question of their real intentions. I was questioning my ally for a majority of the game, assuming he had ill intentions. But in the end, he proved to be a good guy, who sacrificed himself. I enjoyed the ending as well. It nicely reflects the moral choices you've made on your journey.