A continuation that keeps the quality of its predecessor (even though it is much lower)

User Rating: 8 | BioShock 2 PC
BioShock (2007) was a great surprise, with a deep story and very well built and full of twists, was awarded as the best game of 2007 and without doubt is a masterpiece, 3 years later is finally released its continuation, BioShock 2, one of the novelties is that now we play with Big Daddy, and there is a big difference, he uses a drill as a weapon, but also has the same firearm, and powers, the game happens 8 years after the first game , Plus the opening happens 2 years before, the plot remains very good, even not being with the level of the first, it continues dark and deep, the problem is that it a little run in a few moments, and it has some very similar things With the first one, with a good ending and a bad ending like the first, and interesting characters, we discovered even more about Rapture, the gameplay improved, the graphics are beautiful, the water remains perfect, the soundtrack is very good, the Game has few bugs, it's m It's hard to do, and I did not like the endings, either good or bad, but BioShock 2 is a very good game, and it's a continuation of quality. Note 87