A downgrade over Bioshock 1

User Rating: 8 | BioShock 2 PS3

Playing this game for the first time on PS4, right after beating Bioshock 1. From what i heard people say i was expecting a worse game and indeed it is, just not a bad game still.

Bioshock 2 came out like 3 years after the first game, so one would expect better graphics. The graphics are actually worse. It's hard to say why, but Bio 1 really does look better. Better lighting? Maybe also the fact Rapture is more deteriorated in Bio 2 does not help? The menus look worse in Bio 2. I guess the developers, who by the way are not Irrational Games (the guys who did the great Bio 1), did a bad job. Well not bad since it's not a bad looking game, just not Bio 1 level.

The music and voice acting of Bio 1 was so good. Just the intro of Bio 1 was like WOW! Here you wont get the same feeling. The very wow factor of Bio 1 is lacking here.

It was a great idea to play as a Big Daddy. In Bio 1 the Big Daddy's were such a big part of the game. They kinda served as bosses all along the game. To now play as one is cool. You move slower, and can use both hands at same time to attack. In Bio 1 you had to use one hand at a time, one for plasmids, the other for weapons. This change is neither good or bad, but something different which is always welcomed as long as it works.

One of the biggest downgrades Bio 2 has for me is the fact i can't remove aim assist. On PS4 there is no option to remove this. While on Bio 1 it was one of the first things i did. For me it is terrible to play with aim assist, but being a single player game i guess i let this one slip.

Sadly combat does not feel as good as Bio 1. As soon as i killed my first enemy i noticed his body reacted very 'stiffly' to my hits. In Bio 1 enemies seem to have more physics and it feels better when you hit them. Kinda like Killzone 2 how it feels like you actually hitting someone with how their body reacts to hits.

Thinking about the legendary Killzone 2 reminds me of weight. One thing i like in Bioshock games is the feeling of weight. On Bio 2 playing as a Big Daddy you expect to be heavy! And yes you feel heavy, which adds to realism.

Bio 2 fell pretty low in terms of difficulty. Very low... i think the hardest part is at the beginning when you face a Big Sister for the first time. After that the game is easier than Bio 1 which was not a hard game to begin with! Game length was alright, but difficulty was too low!

If you liked Bio 1 get this for sure. While it doesn't feel as good as the first game it really is not a bad game overall. Plus, who doesn't want to go back to Rapture?