A decent sequel

User Rating: 7 | BioShock 2 PC

Although this game came out a few years ago, I finally got around to playing the sequel of Bioshock. While the original will always hold a special place in my heart, I gave Bioshock 2 equal opportunity to find a similar place.

The short version is that this game is very similar to Bioshock 1 in it's gameplay features. One of the major downsides this time around is the repetition in regards to saving the little sisters. While it is fun the first few times to protect them, it becomes mundane. Toward the latter levels I would cringe when I saw 3 little faces in my objectives screen (signifying it had to be done 3 times). Otherwise though, the game had decent first person mechanics.

The graphics are a bit more polished than Bioshock 1, overall it looks decent. The setting of Rapture and the return to old locations was nostalgic. The sound effects were great as was the voice acting.

Where the game really came together (and was worth the repetition that preceded it) was toward the last hour or two. Without ruining any plot, it was a very nice change in pace as well as an unexpected look into some of the other characters. Had this been more implemented earlier in the game, I would have been happier. The story was well done, and was worthy of being called a sequel.

The multiplayer aspect was a secondary gesture and while it's a nice distraction, it does not offer any new aspects to multiplayer FPS. There are other games to spend your time on at this point.