Felt like an extended predecessor, but slightly more ambitious.

User Rating: 7.5 | BioShock 2 X360
Story: The story starts of with a cutscene, witnessing Subject Delta - An alpha Big Daddy - having his little sister taken away from him by none other than Sofia Lamb and is then forced to commit suicide.

10 years later, Subject Delta re-activates and remembers his connection with his little sister and sets out to find her, with the help of Brigid Tenenbaum and Stanley Poole.

Gameplay: The gameplay really hasn't changed from it's predecessor, but for the sake of making this review into something more content filled, I'm going to do it again for those who have yet to give the Bioshock duo a go.

You play as Subject Delta in Rapture, the undersea city. Rapture really has a fantastic look, despite the eerie feel it gave me, but I liked that some of the places were improved graphically.
As for the controls, they remain the same. The manoeuvring was easy, the response was fast. I really do think the fact that the controls didn't change at all was a good thing as I really like them in the first game.

Enemies/Monsters: The antagonist in the game is Sofia Lamb, since she's trying to deactivate Subject Delta because of her plans for Eleanor, protagonist's original little sister. The other enemy is "The Rapture Family" which is a group of splicers that Sofia Lamb has gathered as well as the, newly introduced, Big Sister, which purpose is to kidnap young girls and take them to Rapture to make new little sisters. They will however attack you if you take out all of the Big Daddies in an area.

Skills: The all too well-known plasmids are still in action, with the very same ones like telekinesis, Incinerate and Electro Bolt ( my three personal favourites ) and the possibility to acquire about 5 additional plasmids, even the tonics exist. Again, the very same ones as in the predecessor.
The main change in skills is actually that you now can, in a way acquire new ways to take enemies down by recording them during fights. In-game it's called "Researching" and you get the camera early on in the game and the tips can be very useful if you want to know the enemies' weaknesses.

Overall: Good game. I liked it even if I found myself screaming and being really scared at times because I'm not good with horror games or games with horror-esque environments. But the story really made the experience much greater and made those moments when my hearts beating so fast, very enjoyable, something no other game has been able to do and that's saying something.

For those who have yet to try the Bioshock games, I strongly recommend you to.