This is a great addition to the Lego family of 'KID' friendly games.

User Rating: 8 | Bionicle XBOX
I thought this game would be so-so at first, but then after giving in to my to my die-hard Bionicle children relentless requests, it was enjoyable to play!In my opinion, this is a great addition to the Lego family of KID friendly games. Now, it may be that I have also been a die-hard Bionicle fan since it came out... I enjoy watching the animated(cartoon, lol) movies and playing the games with my little monkeys!! I'm so glad that TT and Eidos actually made this game, because it's surprisingly highly original. Well, the game's a TPS (Third-Person Shooter) and it has alot of the same concepts of the early Lego Star Wars games, like the shop, Piraka Playground, which is basically like outside the Diner or Cantina, and of course, collecting Lego Pieces which shall be your currency. The idea of switching Toa, instead of switching weapons is great, because each Toa has a unique ability and weapon. You can upgrade their weapons, armor and abillities to get massive amounts of Lego Peices. The game is longer than the Lego Star Wars games, but it's still short. What sounds reasonable is co-op, but deep down, wouldn't it be cool to have online multiplayer for the PC, 360 and Xbox users? I would have given it a 9.0 if it had that, but the developers obviously had a reason to not have that. The level design is great, put aside the bad camera and the lack of using the right trigger to shoot, we got ourselves an awesome game! If you dont grab this out of a bargin bin, rent it! It shall make you, and your little LEGO heads, very happy!