Another worst game of the history

User Rating: 2 | Bionicle PS2
I never seen Bionicle Movie and since It was made based on the movie,
I thought i would have trouble following the story. But when I actually got
to play it, i found out there is no story at all. The game lasted for like 3 hours. I finished it in one day. in the same morning. It would have hugely disappointed me if I could at least enjoy the game a little, but bionicle was some game that you get to control the action figure and run around like moron. I never thought there would be a game that's worse than resident evil dead aim which I bought for $20 insulting all those great games that's less-than-$20. i just feel grateful that i didn't buy this game. And I suggest you don't buy it neither if you want to have fun with your spare time. You world rather jump on the bed or roll around the floor than playing this game.