Bionicles first installment for the consoles has no appeal whatsoever, even for die-hard fans of the series.

User Rating: 1 | Bionicle PS2
The Good:
It's the only game on the consoles that lets you play as the original Toa.

The Bad:
Simplistic, boring combat; All of the Toa are exactly the same; No elemental or Mask powers; Short campaign; twisted storyline; Lousy dialogue.

Bionicle:The Game is the first Bionicle game for the consoles, and was meant to be the ulimate game for Bionicle fans looking to play as their favorite two heroes. Instead, it serves as proof that Electronic Art's developers can't build a decent game to save their lives. With Bionicle:The Game, EA simply took advantage of another popular franchise to make an easy profit off it's fans.

Playing as the original Toa from the early series isn't as much fun as it could be. All of the Toa are exactly the same. You have no elemental or Mask powers. Instead, the Toa simply shoot energy blasts out of their weapons. Gali and Onua have special powers called "Nuva Blasts", which are basic;y shockwave attacks that are use to breach barriers, and are useless in combat. There is no melee combat either, despite the fact that many of the Toa carry swords and axes and such. So, no fun with Tahu's flame sword, it's just there for show.

Most levels take place on foot, though there also some odd racing levels in the game. For Pohatu's level, you'll ride through the tunnels of Onu-Wahi, using your "elemental blast" to shoot switchs to open a door to the next level, and also blast obstacles and obstructions out the way. Tahu's lava surfing level and Kopaka's snowboarding level are very similar. Surfing on lava is kind of fun the first time around for fans of the series, but it doesn't last.

The normal levels aren't much. Mostly you just run around shooting bad guys until you get to the end of the level, at which point you'll usually be subjected to a boring, and sometimes frustrating Boss Fight against either Bohrok or Rahkshi.

The story has been completely changed from the comic books and movies. Did you know that gali actually defeated all of the Bohrok Kal by herself? How about that the Mask Of Light just magically attached itself to Takua's face and teleported him to Makuta's lair? Or that Kopaka destroyed the Bohrok swarm just by snowboarding to the bottom of a hill? A ton of major aspects of the story were left out, such as Jaller and Takua's search for the 7th Toa, the Great Masks, the stolen Nuva symbols... As if that weren't enough, the games cutscenes are filled with cheesy, half-hearted, cliche dialogue. In the end, the horribly twisted storyline does little more than add insult to injury.

The campaign is very short, cosisting of little more than 10 levels. Once that campaign is finsished, there's NOTHING. You can try replaying the campaign to try and collect all the lightstones, which unlocks a few boring extras. After that, there is absolutely no replay value.

Gamespot's official rating gives this game way too much credit. It does not deserve that 4.7, it deserves the lowest possible rating. This game is a horrible mockery of the Bionicle series, just another lousy scam by Electronic Arts. This game is completely worthless. If you find a used copy somewhere, do not purchase it unless it is free, it's not worth so much as a penny, much less the $39.99 it was at launch. Better yet, don't buy it at all, and simply leave it to rot. You won't miss anything except one of the worst games in history.