Even at $10 this game is a total rip-off!

User Rating: 1.9 | Bionicle PC
There I was at Target. I needed a new game! Problem was in my pocket at the moment was the small amount of $15. This pretty much imilated the possibilite of me buying a console game. But hey I've played some pretty good $10 P.C. games before! I'm sure I'll find something worth playing at a reasonable price to boot! Walked down the aisle of computer games. Hmmmm not much. Honestly, I didn't feel like playing in Disney Learning Adventure Games. Then I SAW IT! It just seemed to unbelievable to be true! Hands trembling I picked it up. Slapped myself once to make sure I wasn't dreaming I WASN'T! This was Bionicle the game! The toys that I had played so much with, the movies that I had watched over and over and over again! Here it was in video game form Bioncle! Tsk Tsk Tsk What a idiot I am. Bioncle is with out the slighest doubt in my mind one of the worst games I've ever played!

Gameplay: 2

You know how Gameplay is supposed to be the funnest aspect of the game? Well it's not. It's so far from fun that if any called it fun I'd probably go freakin insane. It's basically a platformer. Jump over lava, jump over pits, glide over pits, and yeah that's about all there is to it. Boring . . . . Graphics: 1

This is the worst part of the game. I swear if there is was a 0 option that's what I would give it. Honestly I've seen better graphics in Roller Coaster Tycoon. Which is pretty embarrisng considering that this game came out nearly ten years after it.

Sound: 4

Embarrisngly enough this is the highlight of the game. Although it's not exactly great either. The soundtrack just repeats itself over and over and yep you guessed it over again! Value: 3

If it were up to me I'd give the value a 1. Only I've got to be honest in least the game holds up when your playing it. I don't think I've ever had it crash on me. Although sometimes when I'm jumping the game does tend to pause for some strange reason. Which rewards value a 3!

Reviewer's Tilt: 1

Well I hate Bioncle now. I have to ask myself why I ever wasted so much money on them. Their pointless now. They just sit in a big box in my room. Like the game they just sit there not delievering even the tiniest resemblence of fun.