Pretty Good Indeed

User Rating: 7.4 | Bionicle Heroes PC
Bionicle Heroes is definitely a pretty good game, especially for fans of the series, and is at least an efficient "references" game, i.e. one can catch up on a heck of a lot of info on the Bionicle Universe. The story is like this: you play as the Toa Inika, one of the newest hero teams in the Bionicle Universe's chronology against the Piraka, a bunch of bandits out to terrorize the island of Voya Nui, and your objective is to save the island by finding the legendary Mask of Light.

Gameplay is truly reminiscent of the company' s other franchise - Lego Star Wars in that while you pass levels you have to collect Lego pieces, create things from other pieces in order to progress, and a similar health system. Once you collect enough pieces, you automatically trigger "Hero Mode", when you will become gold, invincible, and gain a damage boost to your weapons, and you'll be able to manipulate special gold constructions in order to progress. You'll have 24 levels spread through 6 worlds with 3 purchasable levels to test your skill at defeating numerous enemies in 2 minutes, plus after defeating all of the final bosses from the six worlds, you unlock the final level with the final boss. World progression isn't hard to remember: first level: boss; second level: no boss; third level: boss; fourth level: two bosses (not at the same time). In levels you'll also have to collect silver and gold containers to unlock common enemies for between level viewing and items respectively. For passing levels and defeating enemies for example, you'll also receive awards. In the starting level with the shop, you'll be able to purchase extras for viewing in the so called "Piraka Playground" (where you'll see all the worlds' final bosses), hints, and upgrades for your characters.

Music is very nice, sets the mode very well indeed, and is worth listening. Graphics is fairly good, though it could still use some tweaks. Overall a good job has been done with the world effects, after all this is a Lego game, it's not supposed to be Half Life, right?

Overall, Bionicle Heroes is a nice peace of gaming experience, so if you have time for this games' simple pleasures, you should really try it out.