Bionicle Heroes is eye catching, but that can't save it from tedious, repetitive, and just plain shallow game-play.

User Rating: 5 | Bionicle Heroes PC
Bionicle Heroes is the second Bionicle Game in the toy franchise and is here to give gamers explosive action, fire fueled shooting, strong visuals, and the charm of the other Lego games in the long franchise. It game and now the result is in, did Bionicle Heroes have everything it promised?

Considering how well created and fun the first Lego game was in the new franchise of Lego games based off of movies, one would think that Lego knew just how to create a great Bionicle game. Unfortunately, they learned the wrong lesson; they learned that Lego Star Wars was a good game but it needed more graphically stunning visuals to get the complete package. They brought that and the quirky humor of the Lego Star Wars game into this game. It is just too bad that they left all of the game-play mechanics in the past.

For the one thing Lego got right is the graphics for the game. There are generally no hitches or frame rate drops so you have a fast-paced fun while looking at all visually stunning backgrounds. Voya-Nui, the stage of this attack on the evil Makuta, is brought to life vivid and well detailed, character's look stunning to drive and the animations overall are very fluid. Remember I said "generally" but due to a few little hitches that can crop up it diminishes the core beauty of Bionicle Heroes visual presentation and it's great sound design.

The lush jungles to the icy mountains, Voya-Nui really has come to life. The graphics as I said really bring out the detail and life of Voya-Nui but added with the sound practically make you feel like you're on the island. Lego bugs and birds sound as their counterparts, and the sounds of wood moving as you use wooden mechanics to get around also is well polished. The lava and water of other stages works out well and in a rain stage you may bring your umbrella. Sound is spectacular and with the graphics, this is one game that really will trick you into getting it.

However, these are about the only best qualities of the game; humor and goodies are OK but they don't help this pathetic attempt at a shooter. The game starts up with you going into the stages of the Bionicle world, such as water, fire, ice, jungle, you get my drift and only in the first stage and a half will you really enjoy the shooting. It's flashy and colorful fun will remain with you for a long time to come, and I mean for about a few minutes. Flashy doesn't help with the shooting, while it may look good beneath this fancy schmancy shooter is a repetitive game-play that disgraces shooters for the ages.

As you work your way through the levels you won't be able to stop and realize that you did this already. That is because you have; once you finish a stage there is no reason to go back into the other stages, the game has no variety and is stock full of the same enemies with the same death sequences. Each Toa does have a unique power but with the prophecy having only six chances are you'll see them all way before the 4th level. The shooting for each does have some variety, but that variety is muddled in the overly familiar un-variety that a few Toas have. They may be opposite, but as an example Hali shoots water out of her sword and Jala shoots fire; they look the same and do the same thing.

Game-play is simple mind numbing shooting, and it is shallow to boot. The simple just run and gun feature is well implemented in the game, but there isn't anything else to help liven up the shooter to engaging and fast paced action. You fight the same boss fights, the same enemies, you activate the same invincibility power, basically Bionicle Heroes could be considered the first stage done five more times with different scenery. All in all, the experience is repetitive, overly used, and just plain boring to shoot enemies over and over when you know you're going to win.

The game does throw in some so to speak nice variety of small little things you can do besides shooting. In another way there are hidden goodies all around the stages that when you obtain them you will unlock masks, enemies, and achievements. This is actually an OK system but it's prizes aren't really worth the effort. The masks don't do anything and just show you information about the masks, the same with the enemies, and while they are fun to achieve; the achievements aren't put up online for others to see.

Besides the simple shooting in the levels, there are a few moments where you can collect studs. Studs allow you to buy upgrades to Toa armor, weapons, and powers. Each Toa has a unique power that when used can make the object they are using their powers on activate and give you more studs. Studs are plentiful and this makes these small little parts boring and un-fun. Not to mention it makes the game even longer; clocking in at 2 hours a level this is one long and tedious game that will please Bionicle fans, not shooter fans.

There is a neat little play pin called Piraka Park. Piraka Park holds all of the Piraka that you have beaten and now can buy them gifts and cool little treats at the shop. These can be opened like gifts and you can use the horn to get the Pirakas to come and join in the fun, this will trigger a cut-scene and while it has the charm of Lego it holds Lego's problem as well. These are funny and humours scenes that show off the true Legotude of the game, but once you see the scene you can see it again but it feels like the same thing and the joy is lost.

There is also a challenge mode inside the park, but it isn't good; it's just an endurance round after round of waves of enemies. The shooting tedium still exists and with the array of the same old enemies, this is one of the less OK features of the game. Finally to mention is one last bad thing, the music. The music creates the feel of Bionicle and Bionicle Heroes certainly has a great musical score to boot. The problem is that they don't mix up the songs very much and the songs can be repeated over the course of the journey. Also sometimes there just isn't another musical score to help with, example is the Golden Toa moments. The music isn't stunning and after the first three levels you will wonder if this is all there is to the music for these moments and the yes.

-Graphically enhanced visuals bring Voya-Nui to life
-Sound enhances the spirit of the game
-Animations are fluent
-Sharp controls
-Humor has not been lost
-Great blend of dark drama and light hearted humor
-Music is exellent
-Some variety
-Goodies are hidden throughout
-Invincibility without the cheat codes
-Piraka Park

-Shallow game-play
-Too long
-Tedious in so many places
-Music loops
-Challenges aren't fun if the shallowness is still there
-Lego Star Wars but in a shooter instead
-Repetition in a lot of places
-Goodies just give you information
-Achievements aren't posted online
-Story is cliched and uninteresting
-Mechanisms that you will possibly stop at and get more studs prolonging the game

With respect, Bionicle Heroes may be the game to get if you fancy arts. Just go to a level stop and draw up what you see, it can also be used to show game designers how to create the vivid looks of the designs. However, if you are a gamer who wants adrenalin fueled action with a bit of comedy, get Battle Field Bad Company 2. If you want a Lego game, get Lego Indiana Jones. If you want a Lego shooter, then you will be bored and disappointed if you get this game.