Great fun!!! Fun to play with lots of fun challenges to complete

User Rating: 8 | Bionic Commando PS3
First off I never intended to buy Bionic commando on release it was a game that did'nt really appeal to much. After a while I started looking (working in a gaming shop at the time didn't help) I got more and more interested I saw it on for £9.99 and it probably the best £9.99 I've spent on a game. In the game you play as spenser 10 years after the original (Bionic Commando rearmed) he's been sent to a nuked out city that has been invaded to get a top secret item. Im not going too much into it but that the start of the story :P

Gameplay- The game has great gameplay its easy to pick up and play and there isn't many buttons to confuse you (if you have problems they tell you on the loading menu) You basicly swing around the city with you bionic arm taking out bad guys. The game has lots of fun challenges which earns you trophies. They are for stuff like take out so many enemies take out so many enemies in a set way and with diffrent weapons and so a bit like the challenges on call of duty online play.

Unfortanetly the game doesn't feature too many weapons it has the main weapon of a pistol, you can pick up grenades and then another 5 weapons to play around with. To be honest I was a bit put down with the lack of weapons but the Bionic arm is more than enough to play around with. There aren't many bosses to fight in the game but with the games challenges it does still keep its entertainment value.

Graphics- The graphics are truely remarkable even though nobody has pointed them out they are really truely great

Sound- this is nothing speacial at there is a lack of music and you mainly just hear people shouting

Replay-abilty- If your trying to find all hte collectables and do all the challenges it will keep you entertained for a good time

Summary- A great game with great graphics its got some falls but not too many to bring it down, I really suggest it but I would'nt pay full price for it.