The first Rearmed was a gem...... not sure what happened here....

User Rating: 7 | Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 PS3
SO just to get to the point, Rearmed 2 is a tad bit of a disappointment. I mean, the first game felt so polished and really stood out to me as an XBLA/PSN title.

The second time around, Spencers controls feel much more sluggish, especially when you are going from NW to NE on the analog stick for example, the character won't move, and it doesn't seem like you can grapple forwards while not crouched. I dunno, maybe I am being picky but I felt the controls of the first game were much much more fluid.

The level design seems a bit week, and after a while it gets repetitive. A good example is, the designers use a ton of "over and under" scenarios throughout the levels. Go underneathe a tall section, spiral through to the inner part, hit switch, open door, backtrack, etc.

Still with these gripes, I am still trying to enjoy the game and it defintely isnot a 5.0 game. It can be enjoyed, and finding the upgrades and Yashichis can be pretty fun. I am kind of glad the top own encounters are gone, I do not miss those from the first and original BC.

Rearmed 2 does have some awesome new environment taht are a bit hampered by the layouts or the design and platforming puzzles, but if you can overlook i, the game can be enjoyed.

I really do miss the fluidity of the swing mechanics, and I feel like the jump was tacked on after a few design meetings just to try something new. I dont really see it adding much to the BC experience honestly.

Lastly, WTF did they do to Spencer??? He looks like a cyerpunk professor with that moustache. Bleh.