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First off, the game doesn't start after install, without running the config. Then if you don't run the config as Administrator - you're out of luck. /// Secondly, there are no "Fz, Pq and Gdr" keys on the keyboard. It's: Shift, Ctrl, Space - get it right. /// Then, there's the mic. Oh man, the mic. Anyway, I'm an older guy. I couldn't care less to "learn" about the "features", let alone something you'd have to script (thankfully haven't come across that yet in this game). /// Crysis was great, ME3. You wanna make something "more complicated" - better make damn sure that it's simple enough to use. I am never buying this thing, unfortunately. Might even just uninstall it because, really, who cares. /// .. and I was looking forward to it. :f /// PS. This post had 5 paragraphs, but I can't get the line breaks to work in Firefox.