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#1 Reedikulos
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I bought this game a year ago from the bargain bin, and I remember my thought being, "how bad could this be?"  I had next to no expectations since I paid so little for it, and I don't remember many great reviews.

Instead this is one of the most intense shooters I've ever played.  The enemies are creatively-designed and never get boring.  The action and shooting mechanics are all solid.

The story really gets into some interesting ideas about the future of robotics and tells the plot in a dramatic, but not over-the-top way. 

My criticisms are so minor here than compared to most other games that get hype, glowing reviews and huge sales. 

I tell people about this game sometimes, and I sense skepticism from them because they almost always never heard of this game.  Binary Domain deserves a sequel, but being an unknown gem isn't gonna get it done.