Though it is very short, Bad Apple is a nice little puzzle game that may fail to reach it's target audience

User Rating: 6.9 | Veggie Tales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple GBA
Larry Boy and the Bad Apple is based of the newly released video of the same name, in which Larry and the gang teach against the temptation of overindulgence, such as eating to much, watching to much TV, or yes, playing video games to much. Perhaps this is why this game is so short, or maybe they just ran out of ideas for mini-games, or perhaps they just ran out of money. Whatever the reason, Larry Boy and the bad apple is a fun, although short, puzzle game that makes good use of the Game Boy Advances controls. having you do flips, turn on radios, and other wacky things with the goal always being to get from point A to point B.

The missions are split up into four groups, each containing 5 missions, At the end of each group of missions are some boss fights and/or mini games. These are fun and help to break up the monotony of the game.

As far as how the game looks and sounds, it's... okay. The graphics aren't very impressive, but they're not bad either, and the presentation is good enough. The sound, however, is a little slack, even by gba standards. I hardly remember the music, (Except when Larry turns on the stereo) which means it wasn't memorable, but it wasn't annoying either. There are some decent sound effect, but you would think they could have had Larry make some sound when he gets hurt, but oh well. You should be able to beat the game in no more than 1 and a half hours on the default difficulty setting. You may be able to get some replay value out of the harder difficulty setting, and their is a little replay value in the fact that it is fun to go through a second time. Though it may be over the heads of small children wanting to play as Larry-Boy, it is a nice, fun game for children in the 8-10 range, or those of us who have never really grow up.