Great multiplayer game for 4$. If it was anymore expensive, though, this game would totally suck.

User Rating: 8 | Big Bumpin' X360
Why do people hate this game so much? Because it's a bumper car game involving Burger King characters. The sad thing is, the people who have rated this game badly have not checked one thing. IT'S PRICE. The game is only 4$, and it offers much fun. Honestly, this is my favorite of the 3 Burger King games. Because, unlike the others, this game has a fun multiplayer, great computer AI, fun gameplay, and a well balanced difficulty. In fact, I still play this game with my cousins or siblings every once in a while, and it's still fun. The game lets you choose from a variety of characters. From the Burger King to a Burger King employee. And personally, I like playing as the Subserviant Chicken. =P
The game also has 10 minigames. Not a lot, but enough for a 4$ game. And all are very fun to play. But the loading between menus and games can sometimes take a while. The game takes place in a carnival or fair, which has 5 bumper car statiums: The Broiler, The Monsoon of Doom, The Ice Box, The King's Court, and The Deep. Also, you can play 2 minigames in each court, ranging from hockey, to own the puck, to survival, to shock ball to power surge. I think the best is either Shock Ball or Survival. The game features a good soundtrack, but the creators installed a few hip-hop songs. The graphics are okay, but sometimes, it will be hard to tell which character you are. The game also lets each player choose from 10 bumper cars. 2 of which can only be unlocked by completing all 5 tournaments in the game. So overall, Big Bumpin' is a very great game for it's price, and deserves more praise than it gets. I'd under stand it it was anymore than it's original price, though.