Fun concept but just wasn't quite there... or even worth it.

User Rating: 1 | Big Bumpin' X360
A fun concept, that's probably why one would even pick it up.
I recommend not buying this game for more than 3 dollars. At account of I got it for 2 at my local game stop.

The game looked like fun with its bright colors and recognizable king character... but it wasn't quite what I had in mind.

It didn't look horrible, but the game play was awful. Hard to control characters and overused mini games.

If I was to recommend this game.. I would say that you can buy it and try to squeeze some achievement points off of it and or buy it because your a collector and someday when your dead your kid can try to sell it ... other than that avoid it....

One interesting thing though... If your a true king fanatic or just honestly enjoy playing party games you can use this on your original Xbox console ... assuming it still opens and works.

Other than that I say avoid this game and invest your 3 dollars into another title.