The worst of the 3 king games

User Rating: 4.5 | Big Bumpin' X360
Big Bumpin' sounded like a good idea and it was a first but it didn't really work out. The gameplay was kind of fun but only the first time you play the gametype. There isn't many gametypes to choose from and some of them are not fun. The only fun one I played was hockey, where you use your bumper car to hit the puck in the other teams goal. It is really short and the gameplay ends as soon as you beat it, the multiplayer is actually amusing but since no one is online and probably all your friends will say "You're gay..." kind of makes multiplayer a no, but if you can find a friend nice enough to take time out of his life to play a game you got at Burger King or a game store then it is actually pretty fun. You will probably want to play another game after you played enough with a friend though. The AI in this game is pretty good but can be stupid at some points. The graphics on the other hand are phenomenal, other then that this game is really bad. Try getting Sneak King to have more fun then this.