"2 Outta 3 Ain't Bad"

User Rating: 3 | Big Bumpin' X360
The other two BK games are great investments. Truly! But this is the black sheep of the family. The title screen is about the best feature of this game. The humor of the king is nearly absent (unlike in the other 2) which already wounds this title. But some game modes are OK. Notice I said OK, not cool or great, but OK. This is overshadowed by the major letdown- THE GOSHDARN COMPUTER OPPONENTS!!!!!!!!!!! The only modes that are truly fair are Hockey and... um.... uh.... THAT IS THE ONLY FAIR MODE! Even in this mode, your AI teammate will score for the enemies more times than they will. But when it is everyman for himself- expect to throw your controller out the window. Shockball is a mode where you pass a bomb-and the computers gang up on you. Power (something or other- the one like capture the flag) is where you try to score, but the AI gang up on you and let other players slide by. Last Man Standing is where you try to fight the computers and the AI gangs up on you. I'm sensing a pattern here. The other modes just cement my point further. Although the Human Multiplayer is a smidgeon better, it's not enough to save this pile of stale Whoppers. The controls are simple, but useless as you'll lose anyway. This game also has the least content of all the BK games. The graphics are nice. The arenas are varied. But the only true unlockables are 2 (count 'em 2) bumper cars.

Final Words: There is a reason some games are $1, and this is it. If you are thinking of buying this, rile up a few more bucks and purchase one of the other games (PocketBike Racers is an excellent competitive game). Otherwise, try it then use it as a coaster (most stores will give you about a dime for it).